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Coronavirus - Conspiracy theories and international jokes about Covid19

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 03/15/2020 - 18:42

The line between conspiracy theories and jokes is often invisible. Regardless of whether they are funny, racist or simply tasteless, there are many conspiracy theories and jokes about Coronavirus / Covid19:

  1. The coronavirus doesn't exist. This is a lie.
  2. Artificial intelligence has developed the virus to destroy mankind, because soon you don't need it anymore.
  3. Coronavirus is a punishment from God. God wanted to teach mankind a lesson (because of wars, poverty, LGBTQ etc).
  4. The Jews developed the virus and they already have vaccines which they soon sell expensively and become extremely rich.
  5. The pharmaceutical industry has developed and spread the corona virus.
  6. Japanese have developed the virus to stop China.
  7. China developed the virus to stop demonstrations.
  8. Bill Gates developed the virus to make a lot of money. 
  9. An international group of young communists developed the virus to stop capitalism
  10. Mafia has developed the virus to distract the security authorities worldwide, so that drugs etc. can be transported more easily.
  11. Secret services have developed the virus because the resources are no longer enough for all people in the world.
  12. The Corona virus was created by the Chinese in the laboratory to weaken the European and American economy.
  13. North Korea developed the virus.
  14. Americans developed the virus to destroy Iran.
  15. Taiwan and Hong Kong developed the virus to become independent.
  16. Opponents in China invented the virus to overthrow the Chinese regime
  17. Elites have caused panic to distract the world. They have other plans.
  18. Environmentalists and hackers created the virus to save the world from destruction.
  19. Russia can't compete with China economically, so the Russians developed the virus and spread it to China. 
  20. The virus is an American bioweapon designed to slow down China's development.
  21. The virus only kills Chinese. 
  22. Africans developed the virus to retaliate against colonialism.
  23. Coronavirus is a preparation for more deadly biological warfare.
  24. Insurance companies developed the virus to cut costs.
  25. The Kurds developed the virus to create the great Kurdistan.
  26. The Europeans have developed the virus to move the production back to Europe.
  27. The West has developed the virus to free itself from old & dependent population burden.
  28. Alien forces have spread the virus around the world.
  29. Aborigines and the indigenous peoples are taking revenge. 
  30. Mongols have developed the virus to conquer Europe.
  31. Secret sects have developed the virus for their secret purposes. 
  32. Greta Thunberg had the virus developed because the world has no time left. 



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