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Hello, this experience from another Local

In the recent period, I have seen many people asking about the Untätigkeitsklage lawsuit, and the vast majority of the responses say do not file a lawsuit, and the employee hates you and ........
 This speech is nonsense 
 I will tell my experience as it is so that other people can benefit and know what happens in it
 I am in the district of Saxony in the mittelsachsen region. We have employees only to study the files I submitted on 12.11.2021 and they told me orally that you need 6 to 9 months to receive the citizenship.
 On June 21, 3022, I called them and found out that they had not yet started working on intergration. I was happy for the lawyer.
 Here I am going to tell you the exact steps because I did not see anything written about the process:

 The first thing you do is go to the lawyer and do a Beratung. Of course, the prices are different. I took 150€ from me, and the lawyer will ask you about everything.

 The second step, the lawyer will do an Akteneinsicht. This will take two weeks in my area, which has tremendous pressure
 The third step, the lawyer meets with you and tells you about the next steps in my case. He advised me to do an Untätigkeitsklage, and I agreed immediately, and I made a power of attorney, and we agreed on the method of payment (here it differs from one lawyer to another)

 The fourth step is to file the case and the Behörde sent the Akte to the court and set a date for the hearing (the date was after 3 months despite the enormous pressure)

 The important thing is that the Behörde contact me and ask us to negotiate
 I told them that you have a deadline for the month of 9 (the court date was 29.09).
 Indeed, on 16.08 I received the Urkunde

 The brief is based on my words with the lawyer and with my brother who studies law:
 1. If the naturalization office gives you a paper stating that the application takes more than a year, you will not benefit from a lawyer (of course, if he only wrote to you to delay without giving a period, you can apply after a year)
 2. If it has been more than a year for you, go immediately to the lawyer and the Akteneinsicht and Sachstandsanfrage to explain with him if there is a need for a lawsuit or not (your file may be almost finished and the lawsuit will take longer) Here you are the most you can lose 100-200€
 3. Many circuits are known to the courts, and the courts do not take many sessions because there are no witnesses or investigators, the most of which is two or three sessions.
 4. There is no Antrag that lasts more than a year in Germany, except for things related to foreigners. Two years ago, naturalization was a secondary matter. You can tell the lawyer about this and use it in court.

 As he extinguishes it with the light of those who frustrate the world:
 1. If the employee has a grudge against you and puts the application down the stairs, you will be satisfied with you, and this is the letter definition of Untätigkeit, and immediately a judgment will be taken in your favor.
 2. Don't tell the employee that I will file a lawsuit (like the Harabiq group of Abu Naguib who don't want to pay how many euros) here immediately he will send you and tell you that we will be late and you will lose the lawsuit
 3. The employee can tell you that I will stop working on your file until the court decides (this is a common tactic I have read about on the internet). Say, okay, send me this in writing, and it is the paper as if it is the Urkunde because the court will rule you immediately, as we said, this is the definition of Untätig
 4. For those who are afraid of the costs, it cost me 1083.68€ exactly (the lawyer tells you the first amount it cost, he said between 1000 and 2000).  year and text.
 5. I advise everyone to do it because there is a huge increase in requests, and this will lead to an increase in the study period


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